Corporate Social Responsibility
A multinational financial services company paid attention to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and launched a variety of community outreach programs across India. They took their initiatives seriously and identified local issues that needed to be addressed. Among these were healthcare, sanitation, education etc. They wanted the community within which they worked to know more about their initiatives and perticiapte in them.

The company had offices in big and small towns across India and were working on multiple corporate social responsibility initiatives at any given town across India. The quantum of work was such that the company was unsure about the programs they should talk about. White Fish Communications began by understanding the nature of the CSR initiatives and how important they were for the communities. The team identified programs that would the local people in any given town would attach maximum importance to. After discussions with the company, White Fish Communications identified towns and cities that had strong media presence. The local PR associates were asked to rope in local diginitaries, who would in turn attract media presence. Press documents were created and translated into regional languages.

The next step was to launch a multi-city public relations campaign that would span villages, towns and cities, ensuring the chosen CSR activity could get the share of voice it deserved.

Current Situation
The campaign was run successfully across India and the company was able to successfully talk about the CSR initiatives. The idea was not to talk about all that the company was doing but to focus on certain programs that the target audience would be most interested in. Through this campaign White Fish Communications was able to avoid information clutter and run a successful communication campaign.