Direct Selling Industry
The Direct Selling industry faces a great challenge when it comes to its image. While worldwide, and in India, the industry has provided emloyment to a hardowrking individuals, especially women, many see it as a moneymaking industry that uses dishonest means. A change is definitely required.

Going by the examples of a few fly-by-night companies, who cheated people, it was not an easy task. More people knew about companies with negative image rather than people and companies who were doing good work.  White Fish Communications focused on showcasing the positives. It identified comapnies with excellent track record and who had transparent operation, who could be used as examples. The message being sent out was that don't judge the whole industry by the mistakes of a few. White Fish Communications gathered case-studies and data, created press literature and shared it with media.

Meeting, both formal and informal, were held between media and company officials, where issues plaguing the Direct Selling Industry, families who benefitted through Direct Sellin and international examples were discussed. Industry performance and future forecasts were also shared.

Press meetings were held across India where senior officials from Indian Direct Selling companies addressed media. Journalists were encouraged to freely ask questions, and doubts, if any, were addressed on the spot.

Current Situation
Through positive press reports and stories, and through successful case studies, White Fish Communications built a positive profile for the industry. The best example was the feedback and enquiries the Indian Direct Selling companies started from both people and media.