E-commerce's second coming has shown tremendous promise for both Indian entrepreneurs and consumers. One of the first companies to set up an online shopping portal was doing great business, was growing at an excellent pace, had great offers for consumers and was one of the top three players. However, nobody knew them.

The e-commerce industry was slowly becoming cluttered with new companies with new ideas and fund infusion overshadowing the strong players. White Fish Communications communication campaign focused on the strong fundamentals of the company, profile of the founders and strong numbers that the company was generating. Sifting through information about the comopany, it was found that the company had a sound business model along with other processes, which only a handful of other players had. What was needed was a way to highlight these and opportunties to talk about them.

Through both informal and formal meetings with media the founders were able to share information and data about their industry as well as their venture. Their profile along with their strong vision about the future of the e-commerce industry in India fetched them media queries and interviews. White Fish Communications also focused on their zeal as entrpreneurs and how it was helping the company grow.

Current Situation
The regular updates and articles in the leading media helped the e-commerce venture reach out to its target audience, ensuring that it was recognized for what it was - one of the top online shopping platforms in India.