Financial Services
One of India's oldest financial services and stock broking firms was expanding it reach and relaunching their flagship brand. The company's strategy included opening offices across India, after the brand had been established. The objective was to make the brand popular in a very cluttered market.

The Indian Financial Services industry is very cluttered. Establishing a new player was a big challenge. What was needed was a strong differentiator. White Fish Communications decided to focus on the credentials of the Managing Director. He was young, energetic and full of radical new ideas. He had some strong opinions that would certainly make the financial journalist community sit-up and listen. What was missing was a promising brand name and a brand identity.

White Fish Communications went beyond its brief and worked on giving the new company a branding - complete with a new logo, brand colors, brand literature, stationery, letterheads, signboards, and even a new website. The next step was spokesperson training. The MD was taken through a session where he was familiarized with the Indian media and what makes news. This was followed by informal meetings with journalists, where the MD shared his views in the Indian and World Financial Markets.

Soon the spokesperson was given slots on News channels, where he was positioned as a Financial Markets expert. White Fish Communications identified opportunities where he could participate in newspaper and magazine articles. Gradually from an unknown entity the company became one of the best known names in the financial services industry.

Current Situation
When the company started opening offices across India it was not a difficult task. People were now familiar with the MD of the company and were aware of the company as well. A well-thought out Public Relations strategy made the task of expansion easy and also created bridges between the company and its target audience.