GPS Navigation
India's leader in digital-maps solutions for enterprise segment was getting ready to expand into the retail space with the launch of GPS navigation devices. The company wanted people to understand the benefits of GPS navigation devices and how they could help in their daily lives.

White Fish Communications conducted a market survey which threw up some interesting results. GPS navigation technology was an almost unknown concept in India. Most people believed that GPS navigation devices couldn't work in India and especially not those manufactured by an Indian company. Credibility was a big issue.

The communication strategy thus created revolved around several factors, the key among those were educating the target audience about GPS navigation technology and establishing credibility of the company as a key player in the retail segment. White Fish Communications team identified and contacted journalists writing on Information Technology beat and asked them to test-out the GPS navigation devices. Initially there was a lot of scepticism about the performance of the devices. The journalists were encouraged to take the devices on long drives to understand the full capability of a powerful GPS navigation device with detailed maps of India.

White Fish Communications also worked on the messaging and how each product should be showcased. Journalists were encouraged to ask as many questions as they could think of and they were readily answered by the company. The focus was on convenience, safety and comfort while travelling. Journalists writing on different beats were also briefed about the company and its initiatives. Opportunities were identified and created for the company, products, solutions and various initiatives to be reported in different media segments.

Current Situation
Through an active 'educate the customer' communication campaign the company has created a strong market for GPS navigation products and solutions. GPS navigation is no more an unknown technology in India. The company has also established itself as the leader in both GPS navigation and digital maps space. Their products and services are today seen as the best in the industry.