Information Technology
One of the leading Information Technology companies in the world was working with its partner companies, doing innovative work for clients and making live new IT projects. It wanted to open new communication channels with prospective clients and also talk about the work it was doing with companies across India.

The company's target audience was in small towns and cities. The comany was also holding contact programs with vendors at multiple locations on the same day. Sourcing relevant information from multiple partner companies spread across India and the client itself was a challenge.

White Fish Communications isoltaed specific Information Technology issued that the Client was addressing and what the communication need was. Next it set up a mechanism through which information could be sourced from the client and its partner companies, analyzed, turned into specific Press information and shared with Media in relevant towns and cities across India.

On behalf of the Client, White Fish Communications was in constant touch with partner companies, identifying their specific communication needs, how they could be meshed with the communication objectives of the Client and in-turn create win-win situations for all companies involved. Working on the campaign also required White Fish Communications team to throughly understand IT issues involving varrious industries - automobiles, textiles, steel, chemicals, education, publishing, engineering, software etc.

Current Situation
The public relations campaign helped the client reach out to its target audience as well as prospective partners spread India and also helped in discovering new geographical markets.