Public Relations

White Fish Communications specializes in developing and executing public relations and image management programs. We strive to move beyond generating just press coverage for our clients. We create systemic channels for organizations to communicate with their target audience and stakeholders. Communication remains a challenge for organizations - sector leaders struggle to exhibit their capabilities and achievements, while others wonder what they should talk about and how. We partner with such organizations, analyzing their communication needs, developing their public relations strategy and, finally, executing it. Our tailor-made public relations campaigns have helped both MNCs and SMEs achieve their goals.

Communication Strategy

One of the key stepping stones towards excellence for any organization is a robust communication strategy. Effective communication means devising an effective action plan. It takes into account the goals and objectives for the organization, target audience, expected results and amendments whenever necessary. The communication strategy ensures that the organization is travelling the path it has set down for itself. Different target audience respond differently to a communication. White Fish Communications designs communication strategy for organizations. From brands to products and services, a company's vision needs to reflect in all that it does. It also shines brightly in its employees and the leaders, helping management teams and stakeholders decide how their company should be seen by the public. A good communication strategy brings out the best in any organization and highlights its achievements and goals.

Crisis Communication

An incident that negatively impacts your organization can happen anytime, anywhere. How organizations interact with the public during an emergency can both diffuse or flare-up a situation. While it's best to foresee it and be prepared, it is also important to have a crisis communication policy ready. White Fish Communication guides organizations in creating a crisis communication framework and how it should be followed at the critical moment. We are there monitoring the situation and advising on how, where and when to communicate so that the crisis can be dealt with in the best possible way.

Media Relations

Press is an essential medium to communicate with your target audience. While an organization may have a lot to talk about, what interests Media might be just a certain part of it. This and many other things need to be considered while sharing information with the Press. We are regularly in touch with journalists covering various topics and understand the importance of the information they need. Our team maintains a professional channel of contact between an organization and the Media.

Spokesperson Training

An organization’s spokesperson is the most important source of information. What they communicate and how they do it is a critical process. This function is usually handled by the top management members and many a time they remain unaware of the nuances of interacting effectively – with stakeholders, with target audience and with media. Our spokesperson training sessions are designed to ensure that the spokesperson is aware of the dos and don’ts of interacting on behalf of an organization. The session includes facing media interviews, handling tough questions, staying focused on the key messages, handling questions during media events and crisis. The module is also beneficial for international spokespersons visiting India.

Social Media Management

Social Media is difficult to ignore for any organization, offering an innovative platform to connect with the target audience through different channels. Social Media also poses its own challenges making it imperative for organizations to wisely use it to their advantage. White Fish Communications creates and executes social media strategies for clients. We ensure that organizations connect and interact with their target audience through this creative medium, and reach their organizational goals. From corporate announcements to addressing target audience queries, our social media modules are designed to ensure that organizations get the best out of their social media campaigns.

Employee Communication

The most valuable asset of any organization is its employees. Most organizations understand this but are unaware of the urgent need to communicate with their own employees. Changes in management teams, new company policies, new milestones, mergers and acquisitions – most of the time it’s the employees who has the first right to know what’s happening in their company. We help organizations communicate better with their employees. Employee communication is much more than inter-office memos. What needs to be communicated and how it should be done makes a big difference in the way the message in understood. Our team has the expertise in analyzing your organization’s need to build a robust internal communication system. We understand how important information within your organization should flow and how it will positively impact your employee networks.

Visual Communication

White Fish Communications creates effective visual communication for brands that helps them connect with their audience. While we develop public relations and communication strategy for organizations, we also focus on how the visual symbols – logos, branding, corporate stationery, letterhead, websites etc – connect with the target audience. The effort is towards creating visual communication that appeals to your target audience. Our team has successfully transformed organizations into brands, creating their visual communication and also running their public relations campaign.

Strategic Content Development

White Fish Communications develops editorial content for oranizations. From articles with in-depth research to biographical books about business heads, our team of experts can put your thoughts to papers. The content can be on any subject and from any industry. Content developed by our team has been published in leading newspaers, magazines, webistes in India and across the world. We give shape to your message and help take it to your target audience.

Video Films

Communicating your corporate vision and achievements through a video film is one of the most effective tools. Our team of video producers have worked with some of the best Indian and international brands, creating corporate films, documentaries, motivational films for employees, advertisements and more. From concept, scripting and direction to delivering the final product, our team ensures that the best result is delivered to you.