Is Public Relations about getting frequent articles in newspapers?
No. Newspapers, magazines, websites, social media, television are only vehicles through which you can communicate with your target audience. Public Relations is about creating communication bridges between your organization and your target audience, listening to them, highlighting your companies achievements, effectively addressing criticism – reaching out and inviting response.

What is Crisis Communication?
Crisis Communication is about planning to communicate with your target audience in case of a crisis. It’s seen that when a company faces a crisis it chooses to stop all communication with the outside audience. Many times even the employees are unaware of what the company is planning. This period of silence or even misinformation can permanently harm the reputation of a company. It is also true that during challenging times it is not easy to respond in the best possible manner.

This is where crisis communication strategy comes in. Be prepared for a crisis. Put the communication mechanism in place to ensure that there is openness and a constant flow of information from the organization. Ensure that all those affected, concerned and also the public at large can seek information from the company. The communication channels should never shut down.

I have a very small company. Should I be worried about Public Relations/communication?
Yes. Even a one-person company should focus on Public Relations. Communication bridges are not built in a have to work on them constantly.

Public Relations is about hiding your weaknesses and only highlighting your strengths. Right?
No. Public Relations is about being transparent. In the long-run people appreciate honesty and an openness to address questions. Remaining hidden and staying silent is a Public Relations blunder.

My company’s launching a new product. So I should hold a press conference, invite a celebrity, issue press release, hold media interactions. That’s the PR drill. Right?
Wrong. Unless you are launching a car that runs on air, think twice before you hold any press activity. It is very important that before the launch of any product, service or company, a robust communication strategy is put in place to ensure that the communication is not lost in the information overload once faces every day.